Bästa skyddet för trä

Hållbar halvtransparent ytbehandling

Massive and laminated logs

Log houses should be protected against moisture and other weather stresses with semi-transparent finishes or opaque wood stains. All Tikkurila exterior products contain very efficient fungicides for the best protection against mold.

Tikkurila semi-transparent stains enhance the look of the wood without diminishing its  natural beauty.

Tikkurila opaque wood stain extends the maintenance interval.

The wide range of colors are available in semi-transparent and opaque wood stains.

Paint system

Systemkod Bets/Lasyr 1a strykning 2a strykning 3e strykning


Pinja Wood Stain Pinja Top Pinja Top

Stain systems

Systemkod Bets/Lasyr 1a strykning 2a strykning 3e strykning


Pinja W-Oil Pinja W-Oil



Pinja Wood Stain Pinja Wood Stain


Pinjasol Color Pinjasol Color

Semi-transparent factory-treated wooden surfaces are recommended to be finished on site with Tikkurila consumer products to provide the best durability.