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Terms of use - Tikkurila Internet Website

1. Terms of use

These Terms of Use (hereafter “Terms”) apply to all users (“User”) who wish to access and use the Tikkurila Internet Website and all other ancillary websites. In order to use the Website, the User shall abide by the Terms as described below.

2. Use of the Tikkurila Internet Website

The User may use the Tikkurila Internet Website (“Website”) solely for personal and non-commercial purposes. The User must not alter, copy, present, transfer, or sell any information, data, software applications, products, or services obtained from the Website, nor grant any rights of use for them.

3. Unauthorized use

When accessing the Website, the User shall agree to refrain from uploading any material that might infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties. The User must NOT use the services provided in an unacceptable, offensive, or illegal manner, for example by sending junk mail, chain messages, or for other similar distribution purposes, neither for spamming third parties nor using false identity or e-mail addresses, or otherwise providing misleading information concerning the User’s identity or message sources.

4. Copyright terms

This Website is bound and protected by copyright law, international copyright treaties, and agreements. Those Tikkurila product names, services, trademarks, and logos that appear on the Website are legally protected Tikkurila trademarks. The industrial property rights of software applications referred to on the Website are the sole property of Tikkurila and its accredited suppliers.

5. Copyright terms for the Website

Tikkurila reserves the right to alter at any time the rights of use to the Website, its content and the services referred to therein. Tikkurila also reserves the right to restrict access to the services provided, or to make technical and other changes to its modes of operation. Tikkurila retains the right to, but not the responsibility for monitoring all material contained on the Website, and to comment on, transfer, or remove any material considered offensive or illegal, or otherwise in breach of the Terms. The User shall agree to Tikkurila reserving its right to make any such changes, and that the User shall be responsible for examining the said Terms at regular intervals. By continuing to access the Website after any such changes, the User thereby deemed to have accepted the revised Terms.

6. Liability disclaimer

When using the toll-free Website services, the User shall not hold Tikkurila responsible for the quality standards of the Website or its suitability for a given purpose, or for malfunction or cessation of Website services or applications operating therein. Tikkurila shall not be in any way responsible for direct, indirect, or consequential damages, expenses, or loss of profits related to the opportunity of using, or actual use of the Website. The Website may contain links to other websites maintained by third parties. Tikkurila will not actively monitor their content, nor shall be responsible for the accuracy and content of any information or commodities provided therein, or the functionality of links thereto. By clicking advertisements on the Website, the User may transfer to websites maintained by third parties. Tikkurila shall not be responsible for the actions of third-party service providers. Service providers shall each be responsible for their own operations, marketing, and material.

7. Cookies 

Cookies are used to facilitate the efficient use and operation of this Website. The User may disable the use of cookies by changing browser preferences, but this may delay the operation of the Website and prevent access to certain parts of it.

8. Content submitted by the user

Tikkurila welcomes suggestions and feedback in order to develop the range of services provided to its customers. The User shall agree to grant Tikkurila all rights of use concerning feedback, suggestions, and submissions. The User shall relinquish all claims to royalties, should Tikkurila decide to use any material submitted to it by the User in suggestions and feedback.

9. Contact information

For any questions or problems concerning the Tikkurila Internet Website, contact Tikkurila by e-mail via info@tikkurila.com

10. Personal data 

Personal data may be retained in connection with marketing competitions for direct marketing purposes, as regulated by existing personal data legislation. When registration is required to access certain services, the User shall receive separate information concerning personal data processing.

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