Akvi Primer J

    Akvi Primer J

    A water-borne acrylate primer.

    Fast-drying primer

    Akvi Primer J is a water-borne white paint with short drying time even in the room temperature. This primer developed especially for joinery industries, and it is ready for use or not needed to be thinned.

    Good sanding properties

    Akvi Primer J easy to sand and it shorters throughput time of production lines. Akvi Primer J can be overcoat with water-borne or solvent-borne paints.

    Less fiber swelling

    This product is mostly used for:


    Produktbeskrivning A water-borne acrylate primer.
    Produktegenskaper • A water-borne, fast drying primer with good sanding properties. • Can be overcoated both with water- and solvent-borne products. • Suitable for furniture, doors and other wooden surfaces in interior premises.
    Volymtorrhalt 34±2%

    Produkt- och säkerhetsdatablad


    Systemkod Bets/Lasyr 1a strykning 2a strykning 3e strykning


    Akvi Primer J