Dicco Astral 35 - Short throughput time in production

    Dicco Astral 35

    Dicco Astral 35

    A two-component acid-catalyzed paint.

    Dicco Astral 35 has good hiding power and filling properties.

    Good hiding power

    Dicco Astral 35 is a fast-drying and durable paint for furniture, doors and other interior surfaces coated in fast production lines. The product has good hiding power and filling properties.

    Thousands of colors

    Dicco Astral 35 enhances the value of the painted object by giving it a high-quality appearance. The color range is almost unlimited.

    The color range of the Dicco Astral 35 s almost unlimited.
    Dicco Astral 35 is a fast-drying topcoat

    Fast-drying topcoat

    Dicco Astral 35 has been developed for fast production lines. Decreased throughput time increases the productivity of the line.

    This product is mostly used for:


    Produktbeskrivning A two-component acid-catalyzed paint.
    Produktegenskaper • A fast-drying, durable paint with good filling properties for interior use. • Contains no aromatic solvents. • The emission level of this product fulfils the requirements of E1 classification for surface treatment materials. The product has been tested according to the standard EN 717-1, and its formaldehyde emission rate is less than 0.124 mg/m³ air. • Suitable for furniture, doors and other wooden and fibre board surfaces. • Especially suitable for fast production lines.
    Volymtorrhalt 58±2%

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