Dicco Lasyr - Nopeasti kuivuva puolipeittävä petsi pastelliväreihin

    Dicco Lasyr

    Dicco Lasyr

    A solvent-borne semi-transparent stain.

    Semi-transparent stain

    Dicco Lasyr performs best on wood species such as oak, ash and pine, and on wood with similar structure and grain.

    Wide range of pastel colors

    Dicco Lasyr is available in a wide range of pastel colors that show the natural structure of wood. Natural-looking color samples on wood are available by request.

    Fast-drying stain

    Dicco Lasyr is a fast-drying stain for interior use. It is recommended for e.g. furniture, doors of kitchen cabinets, panels and frames.

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    Produktbeskrivning A solvent-borne semi-transparent stain.
    Produktegenskaper • A fast-drying semi-transparent stain for pastel colors. • Recommended for furniture, doors of kitchen fittings, panels, frames and other wooden surfaces indoors.
    Volymtorrhalt about 8–13%

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