Diccodur Primer is a fast-drying two-component polyurethane primer

Diccodur Primer

    Diccodur Primer

    Diccodur Primer

    A two-component polyurethane primer.

    Diccodur Primer prevents knot bleeding and wood yellowing

    Protects the surface from knot bleeding and yellowing

    Diccodur Primer forms an even and tight film, which protects the surface from resin and knot bleeding. The color of the surface remains even and flawless.

    Reduces swelling of wood

    Diccodur Primer retards fiber swelling of wood. In addition to this, excellent hiding power and filling properties ensure the esthetic look of the final surface.

    Diccodur Primer prevents wood swelling
    Diccordur Primer can be overcoated with both water-borne and solvent-based top coats

    Can be overcoated both with water and solvent-borne products

    Diccodur Primer is easy to sand, thus also ensuring adhesion of the topcoat. The primer can be overcoated both with water and solvent-borne products.

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    Produktbeskrivning A two-component polyurethane primer.
    Produktegenskaper • A fast drying, easy to sand and flexible primer for interior and exterior use. • Recommended for exterior wooden windows, doors and exterior quality wooden and fiber board surfaces. • Also recommended for interior furniture, chairs, doors and wooden and fibre board surfaces.
    Volymtorrhalt 44±2%

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