Luminol 25

    Luminol 25

    A UV-curing, tintable water-borne urethane polyester paint.

    Thousands of durable colors

    Luminol 25 can be tinted to a wide spectrum of colors, both light and dark shades. The main usage areas are interior doors and other wooden surfaces.

    Excellent stacking properties

    Luminol 25 has excellent stacking properties, thus enabling faster production cycles.

    Scratch resistant

    Luminol 25 is a water-borne option for acid-catalyzed products. Due to UV-curing technology, the scratch resistance of the final surface is outstanding.

    This product is mostly used for:


    Produktbeskrivning A UV-curing, tintable water-borne urethane polyester paint.
    Produktegenskaper • Thousands of durable colors. • Excellent stacking properties. • Good abrasion resistance. • Can be reused because the paint does not dry during painting process. • Recommended for interior doors, moldings, doors of kitchen fittings and other wooden surfaces.
    Volymtorrhalt A-base 34% C-base 31%

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