Pinja Top - Topcoat that shows natural structure of wood

    Pinja Top

    Pinja Top

    A water-borne acrylate semi opaque exterior paint.

    Flexible film with superior weather resistance

    Pinja Top has been developed to withstand the severe conditions of Finnish climate. It forms a flexible film, which lives with the seasons. The water-resistant topcoat however allows the wood to breathe.

    Semi-opaque paint

    Pinja Top is a semi-transparent acrylate paint. Suitable for both wooden logs and claddings it shows natural structure of the wood.

    This product is mostly used for:


    Produktbeskrivning A water-borne acrylate semi opaque exterior paint.
    Produktegenskaper • Semi opaque paint maintains natural surface structure of wood. • Contains alkyd for improved adhesion to bare wood. • Protects the surface against moisture, sunlight and dirt. • Suitable for exterior wooden panels and claddings.
    Volymtorrhalt 35% (VVA base) 33% (VC base)

    Produkt- och säkerhetsdatablad