Pinjalac HB - Good exterior durability

Pinjalac HB - Good exterior durability

    Pinjalac HB

    Pinjalac HB

    A water-borne acrylate lacquer with good exterior durability.

    Pinjalac HB - High-build, fast-drying exterior lacquer

    High-build, fast-drying exterior lacquer

    Pinjalac HB is fast drying but still elastic, and it has good stacking properties. Therefore, the lacquer is well suited for window frames and doors.

    Transparent and clear

    Pinjalac HB forms a colorful and esthetic film highligting the natural appearance of wood.

    Pinjalac HB - Transparent and clear
    Pinjalac HB - Easy to spray

    Easy to spray

    Pinjalac HB is very thixotropic and makes it possible to achieve a thick wet film without sagging.

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    Pinjalac HB TCX lacquer systems for exterior windows and doors

    Exterior durability properties are the main desired criteria when developing these products. The reduction of water absorption and protection against the sun’s UV radiation are very important properties as well as elasticity, good colour and gloss stability.

    Pinjalac HB

    This product is mostly used for:


    Produktbeskrivning Vattenburen akrylat klarlack.
    Produktegenskaper •Flexibel lack för utomhusbruk. •Lackfilmen blir klar och transparent. •Lämplig för fönster dörrar och andra ytor utomhus . • Suitable for window frames, front doors and other wooden surfaces outdoors.
    Volymtorrhalt 37±2%

    Produkt- och säkerhetsdatablad


    Systemkod Bets/Lasyr 1a strykning 2a strykning 3e strykning


    Pinja Wood Stain Pinjalac HB Pinjalac HB


    Pinja Wood Stain Pinjalac HB