Temafloor AC602 Clear - Elastic top lacquer for outdoor use

    Temafloor AC602 Clear

    Temafloor AC602 Clear

    A two-component, solvent-free acrylic topcoat.

    Quick and cost-effective product

    Due to its hardening mechanism, the floor dries quickly and can be loaded as soon as two hours after coating. Thanks to their drying speed, the Temafloor AC coating systems are particularly suitable for premises where the available working time is limited, such as at industrial production facilities. All Temafloor AC products can be applied in low temperatures.

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    The Temafloor AC floor coating system for frost and weather exposure.

    Typical application areas include terraces, balconies, sport arena stands, loading ramps, parking decks, light traffic bridges, freezing plants, and cold storage rooms.

    Temafloor AC - floor coating system for frost and weather exposure

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    Produktbeskrivning En tvåkomponents lösningsmedelsfri akrylbaserad täckfärg.
    Produktegenskaper • Används som täckfärg för Temafloor AC502 akrylbaserat spackel. • Bildar en elastisk och hållbar yta. • Gulnar ej. • Härdar vid låga temperaturer. • Rekommenderas för golv i verkstäder, lagerbyggnader, kylrum för livsmedelsindustrin, parkeringshus, lastramper och terrasser.
    Volymtorrhalt cirka 100 %

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