Temafloor 401 - Low viscosity epoxy varnish

    Temafloor 401

    Temafloor 401

    A two-component solvent-free epoxy varnish.

    Solvent-free epoxy binder for grinding and ESD screeds

    Temafloor 401 is mostly used as a low viscosity binder in Temafloor 4000 grinding screed. Also the varnish can be used as a binder for Temafloor 4000 ESD trowelling screed.

    Can be used as an injection lacquer

    The low viscosity of the lacquer is allowed to spray it on concrete to fill cracks.

    This product is mostly used for:


    Produktbeskrivning A two-component solvent-free epoxy varnish.
    Produktegenskaper • A low viscosity varnish used as binder in Temafloor 4000 troweling screed.
    Volymtorrhalt approx. 100%

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