Temafloor PU - Flexible coating for heavy stress

    Temafloor PU

    Temafloor PU

    A solvent-free, elastic two-component polyurethane coating.

    Solvent-free polyurethane coating

    Temafloor PU is a self-leveling polyurethane coating. It withstands mechanical and chemical stresses in industrial and storage facilities, etc.

    Large range of colors

    Temafloor PU can be used for new and old concrete as well as for asphalt floors. This is a tintable paint and it can be tint in many colors.

    Reliable and easy to clean

    Temafloor PU has good resistance to abrasion and withcstands chemicals and heat. The coating forms a durable, seamless and easy-to-clean surface. Temafloor PU does not shrink or crack.

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    Produktbeskrivning A solvent-free, elastic two-component polyurethane coating.
    Produktegenskaper • For new and old concrete and asphalt floors exposed to mechanical and chemical stress. • Good resistance to abrasion. • Elongation value approx. 60%. • Withstands water, oils, greases, chemicals and dilute solutions of non-oxidizing acids, alkali and salt solutions. Resists only temporary splashes of oxidizing acids and bleaching chemicals. • Withstands +80ºC dry heat. Does not resist abrupt changes of temperature. • Good impact resistance. • Self-levelling, to be applied with serrated or steel trowel. • Recommended for industrial and storage facilities, repair shops; e.g. air handling units, process or paper machine units and corridors.
    Volymtorrhalt approx. 100%

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